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Hotel vs. Hostel: Know What Suits You Better

Before making any decision, it's important to know the differences between hotels and hostels. Below is a brief overview of each type of accommodation so you can better understand which one would be best for your needs.

Hotels are a great way to get a feel for a city. They're comfortable and convenient, and they give you time to explore the city and see all the sights as you have no one to talk to. Hostels are another way to go. They're cheaper than hotels and involve more socializing with other travelers.

Below we have given the concerned points when it comes to staying in a hostel or a hotel. Keep reading to know who wins the battle, hostel or hotel and what suits you the best:


Oh, It's definitely a hotel, we are very well aware that in hotels, you have an option of one single room for yourself, where you will have your washroom, your cupboard to lock your stuff, and your own space where no one will disturb you. Unlike in a hostel, people will be always around you and you have to share a common washroom and keep an eye on your belongings. Though many hostels do provide personal rooms at a higher price than we give for dormitories.


One thing is for sure you are traveling to enjoy exploring to have fun throughout your trip, right? Now imagine, you are at a completely new place sitting alone in your hotel room and cannot talk to the person next to your room, it will make you look shady. But in the hostel, people are dying to interact with new travelers and listen to their travel stories and how they are traveling around the world. And you might get some leads for your next trip. Meeting new people and knowing what the world is doing is an experience worth having. Opting to stay in a nice and safe hostel rather than a hotel may change your entire trip experience.

hostel vs hotel


Honestly, nobody can guarantee that you will be safer in a hotel or less safe in a hostel. Your safety is in your hands always. While booking a hotel or hostel, just make sure you have done all your research, and make sure this place is not at an isolated location. And it's always best if you know someone who is already been there and gives honest feedback about their stay there. Even if you book something by watching social media reels, and you go there and you feel unsafe or get an intuition that something is not right. Be brave enough to walk out of that place.


Here the winner is obviously Hostel, because no matter what Hostel will always be more affordable than Hotel, but for that, you need to sacrifice a bit of your privacy, luxury, and amenities but you do make more friends, cook your food and enjoy your trip with beautiful unknown people. If you are someone who is on a budget tour go for Hostel but do check about the place first, read the reviews, and book it from an authentic or verified accommodation booking site.

#Amenities and facilities:

It is definitely a hotel if you are looking for that luxurious stay that will have all the amenities and facilities like that mini fridge in your room with that crazy coffee machine, a swimming pool when you step down, a gym, and food when you just ring the bell. The hostel will provide you with basic amenities and facility which is actually needed for living.


Usually, hostels are on the outskirts of the city where there is less crowd and more peace. Hotels are mostly city-centric from where everything will be an equal distance so it will be a win-win situation for you if you stay in a hotel. But hostels do have modes of transport very close to you to make your travel smooth. Anyways this depends absolutely on which destination you are heading to, then after checking the exact location, the choice is yours.


Why do we travel from one place to another? There are many reasons, Each traveler has their reason for traveling, one of them could be you want to feel the authenticity of that place, the way the locals eat, the way the locals eat, the way the locals save themselves from cold, heat, rain. And if you stay in a Hotel your chance of witnessing the authenticity of the place reduces a lot, on the other hand, if you stay in the hostel, people will tell you or even make you experience such things by which you will be able to connect with the place and feel the authenticity.

hostel vs hotel

#Fun activities:

Hotels do organize some events to entertain their clients, but it will be very professional where you cannot just barge in into your pajamas. People will judge you and you won't like it. But in the hostel, they do organize some fun games or activities where you can be yourself and enjoy. And sometimes, even if the hostel owners are not organizing anything and are way too busy, the hostlers themselves arrange fun games and everybody participates for fun!


If you are someone who believes in saving on food and exploring the authentic cuisine that local people eat at your destination then you better opt for the hostel, also if you can cook by yourself a bit, then almost all the hostels have a kitchen accessible to all the hostlers. But if you just want to ring the bell and have your food at your doorstep then you should go to Hotel.

To summarize it all, below are a few quick points for you to decide on:

You might choose a Hostel if:

  • You need to save money on accommodation
  • You want to meet new people and make contacts
  • You are an extrovert and want to stay in a fun environment
  • You want to stay in an excellent authentic location
  • You are searching for like-minded travelers

You Might choose a Hotel if:

  • You are looking for complete privacy
  • You want room service and everything in your hand
  • You require a parking space
  • You don't want to worry about your important belongings
  • You want to earn some credits as a member of any one particular hotel.

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