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Meet the Two Kinds of Travellers!

Written By: Akshatha

We can find two types of travellers, though their main idea is to travel both differ in a special way. Even when these two kinds of travellers visit the same place, their perspective or experiences are bound to vary. You must be wondering who are the two types of tourists are? Well, one is a backpacker while the other is a planned traveller.

 Meet the Two Kinds of Travellers!

Photo Courtesy: Javi Sanchez de la vina

Read on to know the difference between backpackers and planned travellers!

Backpackers are those who carry all the necessary items in a rucksack and stroll around in a disorganised way.

Backpackers are a new trend in the Western Countries. It is not wrong to categorise it as a realistic travelling. The main reason for backpacking is to explore the flora and fauna, destinations, history, culture and traditions of people in a closer way.

Backpackers are more adventurous and often go for budget travel. They don't look for luxuries while travelling; instead, hop on to any vehicle or cab that is available at decent cost and enjoy the ride. Backpackers usually love to mingle with people and extract good information regarding the places.

 Meet the Two Kinds of Travellers!

Photo Courtesy: roger.williams

Backpackers are unplanned tourists, so they don't book bus tickets or hotels before hand. Spontaneity is one of the important traits of any backpacker. They love to surprise themselves by heading towards random destinations. You can surely call them adventure freaks as they love to explore new things in random places (many times in entirely unknown places).

Let us move to the next 'Type', the Planned Travellers! They are pretty organised and make sure that everything is perfect before leaving for a trip. Planned Travellers book their travel tickets, check their hotel bookings much before, so that it won't be unsafe while on their journey. They strategize and visit the prominent places within their time frame.

Interestingly, planned travellers are the popular type of tourists. Since most of them will have busy work schedules, they look out for trips that are budget friendly and also safe. Hence, planned travelling is the most preferred kind of journeys. Planned voyagers tend to cover important places within the restricted time limit and also feel rejuvenated.

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Travel is one of the refreshing activities that brings in joy among families and friends. In a busy world, balancing tight work schedules and finding free time is a difficult task. So planned travelling is the best way to feel relaxed and take a day or two off from work.

However, it doesn't matter whether you are a backpacker or a planned traveller. In fact, you can play both roles when you can. If you have an interest in a detailed exploration and looking out for some thrill in life, then just stuff everything in your backpack and start off.

Otherwise, make some arrangements and take a day off to enjoy your holiday. That way you can enjoy and also experience the difference between backpackers and planned travellers.

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