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5 Travel Tips For 2020

With vacations now booked, bags packed and enthusiasm for the 2019 winter season well and truly underway, happy vacationers are eagerly turning their thoughts to 2020 travel plans. For the annual tourists or those who have been in anticipation of the new year, "now" is an excellent time to start making plans for a dream vacation. With fantastic travel deals on 2020 trips there for the taking, here are 5 travel tips, you can follow to be a happy and responsible traveller in the 2020s.

1. Let

1. Let "Sustainability" Be The Motto

Sustainability in the touring industry has become more than just a trend; it is a must! People have expressed their angst, and more and more tourists actively prefer companies that incorporate sustainable methods! It was high time, we revered the core values and gave heed to what the world is crying out for. However, the rise of "over-tourism" "sustainability" and "eco-tourism" as buzz words has led to a wave of green-washing! And the title "eco" is being attached to anything and everything.

As the maxim goes; "knowledge is power." Nowadays tourists and travellers are proceeding to ask more questions to ensure they make the best choices, with the right companies. And with a countless number of travel management companies, it is a task to find out who the real deal is? And which company is responsible enough to trust?

Ensure you opt for a travel management company that has sustainability as its core business value, rather than a reconsideration! Choose those who operate responsibly, who not only depend on one 'thing', but make a substantial, measurable influence over the three models of sustainability - Business, Socio-Cultural and Environmental. Every trip, a vacationist takes, it inadvertently affects the places they visit. Your mode of travel will determine if that impact is positive or negative. So, it is necessary to choose companies taking honest action concerning sustainability, not just paying lip service.

2. Let Your Taste Buds Be Your Guide

2. Let Your Taste Buds Be Your Guide

Over the years, we have seen a shift from 'social media worthy' trending cuisine to a desire for cuisine that is more bonafide. Beyond culinary excellence, tourists and travellers are looking at food as a way to connect to the traditions and cultures of the destinations they visit. Rather than falling prey for the customary display that was once incorporated with a 'good' dining experience, many want to know the tales behind the bites. The more we realise that the way to understand a region's unique cultural nuances is through the universal language of food, we are sorted; because we are, what we eat!

3. Ditch Travel Expectations

3. Ditch Travel Expectations

With Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and an endless flood of blogs and images popping up on our social media newsfeeds, it is natural for us to expect and know a lot of things without even experiencing it. There is so much information on each topic and destination that it is more or less to have been seen, watched and read about just every destination in every corner of this planet. So, when the moment appears to hit the road, seeing the world is not enough! Tourists and travellers want to get amongst it and genuinely experience it.

People are packing up their hiking boots instead of casuals, trading stilettos for sneakers and carrying themselves, literally, off the stamped path to get out and traverse the world. And the most reliable way to experience the best is by letting go of all the expectations and living in the moment! The motive behind this trend is not to enhance your physical limits but to push the boundaries of a conventional vacation to explore the picturesque and natural bounties that lie further afield, on foot.

4. Family-Bonding Through Travel

4. Family-Bonding Through Travel

Multi-generational and the family tour continues to rise in popularity! During the beginning of this decade, extensive, conventional packages, including several fun activities for adults and kids used to be the go-to option. However, we're observing a much-welcomed shift to family holidays, enduring the charm of a destination collectively. Our mundane work-life means that we have less and less time to spend collectively as a family! In reply, many people are now using their family holidays as an opportunity to spend genuine quality time together, away from the tensions and stresses of dull everyday life. Nowadays, many prefer activities that the family can do together, multi-culturally.

But these holidays go beyond family-bonding, they serve as invaluable educational moments for adults and kids, opening their eyes to new customs, food and languages. But most importantly, it's entertaining and enjoyable, for everyone.

5. Let

5. Let "Connections" Be Your New Travel Mantra

Most often, while planning a vacation, naturally we tend to concentrate on what we should see, what destinations and items we need to tick off from our travel bucket lists. So, the question then is, how do you find the natural gems that are hidden? While significant attractions are an absolute must, during any trip! Nevertheless, when we shift our focus from viewing to experience, that's when the true magic of a destination is unveiled.

The best way to genuinely connect with a place is to escape the crowds - immerse into the small alleyways, leave the city limits, and explore the local attractions that aren't recorded in the guidebook. Moreover, it's difficult to understand the history and culture of a town if you do not know the locals who shape its cultural legacy. It's in these hidden gems that we discover the soul of a destination.

Travelling is all about bonding and connecting; connections lastingly etch themselves in your memories.

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