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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Heading To Konaseema This Monsoon

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It's time to celebrate the arrival of the rains. The fresh smell of the grass, the scented mud and everything just gets a bit more romantic when it rains, doesn't it? Urban dwellers, like us, wait ardently for the monsoons because everything feels so alive and like a scene out of a romantic movie.

The coffee dates have more appeal to them, shopping becomes more relative to monsoon and boy, oh boy, the food! The hot beverages and hot pakoras! Nothing like them on a cold rainy morning... It's not just a photographer's dream to watch the rain and then take pictures of it, it's also a regular selfie-loving person's dream to go above and beyond to get that perfect monsoon selfie.

So to celebrate the arrival of the monsoons, we have dedicated this article to the rains. Now, many you may have already made plans of going to Kerala or Chikmagalur because the Internet boasts about these mainstream places. It's not your fault because you can hardly read about these beautiful hidden gems like Konaseema and what a wonder it is during the monsoons!

So this time, if you're looking out for something new and offbeat, head to Konaseema. Konaseema is a delta located in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh coastal line. It has been so underrated that we're surprised that something so scenic has still managed to be an offbeat destination.

konaseema in monsoon

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Anyway, if we haven't convinced you enough to go start planning for a monsoon trip to Konaseema, then the following reasons may help:

1. Enjoy The Rapids Of River Godavari

Enjoy the rural side of East Godavari river in Konaseema where you'll find local farmers setting up fish traps early in the morning. The beautiful riverside of Godavari creates a magnificent landscape as it unites with the sea. Watching a sunset at the riverside will make your day and some people have said it will take away all your stress as you see the sundown.

2. Explore Rice Fields

The delta supports the rice plantation in this region. So, at your arrival, you'll see beautiful landscapes of green paddy fields greeting you. The lesser-known part of India, where the river meets the sea, offers picturesque pastoral delights.

The scenic riverside, towering bamboos, fish traps and water meadows with a coconut trees background give you a much-needed break from the concrete and cubicles of your daily routine.

3. Enjoy Prawn Curry

When in Konaseema, eat like an Andhraite. Now if you're a vegetarian, you may not like this part. But if you're meat eater who likes seafood, you'll love the traditional prawn curry. What's better than eating delicious hot prawn curry while watching the rain from a houseboat (Yes! Houseboats! But more about that in the later point)? Nothing. Vegetarians, don't feel bad about the food. You'll definitely have vegetarian curry options but they won't be local delicacies.

4. Visit The Ancient Beautiful Temples

Turn to your religious side in Konaseema. This place has something for everybody. Even if you are not a religious person, you'd want to explore the ruins of the Buddhist stupas and the age-old temples that the place is known for.

The marvellous architecture and beautiful sculptures on the temple walls make it a worth-a-while visit. The colourful blue and orange temples have a lot to offer to the devotees.

5. Visit The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Here, you'll get a chance to explore the second largest stretch of mangrove forests in India. The trip to Konaseema is not just a trip; it's more of an expedition. Just one trip and you'll get to see so much. You'll also find some of the endangered species in these forests. It's really hard to believe that something so beautiful is hidden from the eyes of tourism.

6. Watch Rain From The Houseboats

So you thought Kerala is the only houseboat place? Nope. Andhra Pradesh, too, has its fair share of houseboats. And since not a lot of people know about this, the place is uncluttered and unscathed by commercialism. Fewer people, more quality time. Not only are the rates cheaper for the houseboats but you'll feel like it's your own private backwaters since there are not many people.

How To Reach Konaseema

If you're flying: Visakhapatnam is the closest airport to Konaseema and next in line is the airport at Rajahmundry. You can also catch a flight from Bangalore and Chennai to Vishakapatnam and then drive to Konaseema.

If you prefer rail: Rajahmundry and Kakinada are the closest railway stations to Konaseema.

If you prefer road: You can take the route via the highway (NH-16) that connects Hyderabad to Konaseema. The distance between Hyderabad to Konaseema is 429 km.

The connectivity between Konaseema and other towns is not that great, so driving down is the best option. Plus, making a road trip will come in handy when you're covering the beautiful landscapes of Konaseema.

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