Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace In Madurai

Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace in Madurai

There is a lot to explore in the place where Goddess Meenakshi rules! The rich architectural heritage of this historical city makes us proud about the past. Yes, we are going to explore the Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace in Madurai. The majestic ...
Most Famous Devi Temples In Tamil Nadu

Navratri Utsav: 3 Most Famous Devi Temples in Tamil Nadu

Goddesses are regarded as the most powerful deities in India. Be it is grama devate (village goddesses), Goddess Durga, Goddess Sharada or Goddess Lakshmi. Each have numerous followers across India. 'Shakti', the feminine power has been given a high status in ...
Yanaimalai Hill In Madurai

Unforgettable Tales of Yanaimalai in Madurai

You might have heard of places like Kudremukha (Horse-Face Hill), Tortoise Rocks, etc. It is just amazing to see how these naturally formed hills or rocks resemble a familiar shape or an animal. Such is the beauty of Yanaimalai in Madurai; ...
Interesting Facts About Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai

Interesting Facts About Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai

Meenakshi Amman Temple, or popularly called as Madurai Meenakshi Temple, is a famous religious destination in Tamil Nadu. Being the largest temple complex in Tamil Nadu, there are a lot more other interesting facts about this temple. Let's get to know ...
Top Three Dargahs India Visit This Ramzan

Top Three Dargahs In India To Visit This Ramzan

There are many religious places in India to worship and Dargahs are one of them. Dedicated to the most revered saints of Muslim religion; some of these places are worth a visit. It is believed that Dargahs are a great places ...
Musical Pillars In South India

Dancing to the Tunes of Musical Pillars in South India

The fact that India has such heritage to boast about makes it a land of wonders! What we see today are the big apartments or skyscrapers that fill our cities. Other than that there is nothing much unusual about any buildings; ...
Best Waterfalls Tamil Nadu

Top 15 Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

The rains add more beauty to all the places, everything looks green and lively. A tour in the post-monsoon season is surely one of the best experiences. Tamil Nadu has several tourist places from temples, historical sites, religious sites, beaches, hill ...
Archaeological Sites Tamil Nadu

The Archaic Remnants of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is blessed with various natural heritage as well as historical heritage. A popular tourist destination in India which has many things to explore. There are various places to visit in Tamil Nadu which has the influences of Jainism, Buddhism, ...
Madurai Tamil Nadu 001700 Pg

The Religious City of Madurai

Madurai in Tamil Nadu is one of the oldest cities in India; existing from 3rd century BC. Today it is one of the major cities of Tamil Nadu. One get to see a blend of history and modernity in this ancient ...
Places Visit Madurai Tamil Nadu

Travel to the Holy City of Madurai

Madurai is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu and is situated on the banks of the River Vaigai. This holy city is believed to be one of the oldest cites ever to be inhabited in India. It is flanked on ...
Oldest Cities India

Travel to the 5 Oldest Cities of India

India is famous for housing some of the oldest civilisations in the world! Be it the Indus Valley Civilisation, Harappan Civilisation or Mohenjodaro Civilisation, they have all left a undeniable mark in the history of our country. Though all that remains ...
The Engrossing Culture Art Madurai

The Engrossing Culture and Art of Madurai

Madurai, located on the banks of river Vaigai is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, and also an important centre for culture, heritage and arts. Among the oldest cities in the world that have been continuously inhabited, Madurai has see ...

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