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Dudhni, Silvassa


Located 20 km from Khanvel and 40 km from Silvassa, Dudhni is an expansive water front formed of the river Damanganga. The splendid water sports complex is surrounded by the scenic foothills of Western Ghats.

The tourist department offers a variety of equipment for water sports and entertainment to the tourists such as rowing boats, kayaks, water scooters, canoes, jet skis, motorized speed boats and shikaras - residential boats - like those in Dal Lake in Kashmir.

There is also a provision for cottages to accommodate the tourists for night stay. The restaurants on the site serve sumptuous food to offer to the tourists. They can also get a peep into the lifestyle of the tribals in their settlements.

The region offers a host of trekking options for sports enthusiasts in the form of the winding tracks through the thick forests. Trekkers are also permitted to peg in their own tents on the river side. The drive to Dudhoni over the curvaceous and winding road by itself is a great source of excitement to the visitors.

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