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Satara Weather

The city of Satara is blessed with an invigorating climate given its location amongst the hills. The climate is primarily tropical wet and dry.


The season of summer can get quite hot, with the temperatures ranging from 27℃ to 35℃. Extending through the months of March, April and May, the escalating heat does not make for a fine climate to visit the place.


The months of June, July, August, September and mid-October mark the monsoons in Satara. The moderate to heavy rainfall during this period expels the summer heat and adds beauty to the region. Travelling during this time can be a fun experience if you happen to love the rains. Proper rain gear should however be carried without fail.


Stretching from November to February, the winter season in Satara makes for a pleasant time to explore the city. The temperatures dip to a cool 15℃ and rise to around 31℃. Woollen clothing might be a necessity.