Chaukhandi Stupa, Sarnath

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Located about 13 kilometres from Varanasi in Sarnath, Chaukhandi Stupa is greatly revered by the Buddhist community. Stupas trace their roots to burial moulds and house relics related to Buddha. It is believed that the Chaukhandi stupa was originally built as a terraced temple during the Gupta period between the 4th to 6th century to commemorate the site where Buddha first met his first disciples while traveling to Sarnath from Bodh Gaya.

The stupa was later modified to its present shape when the octagonal tower was added to commemorate the visit of Mughal Emperor Humayun.

If you are visiting Chaunkhandi stupa, you may also wish to visit the nearby attractions such as the site of the Asoka pillar, Dhamekha stupa, Dharmajika stupa, Dharmachakra stupa, and Mulagandhakuti temple.

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