Archeological and Excavation Area, Sarnath

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The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been conducting excavations at Sarnath since 1907. Over the years, it has unveiled several facets related to Buddhism history from its origin to its evolution. The main excavation site comprises several monuments and structures.

The ancient relics have signs and symbols carved on them. These were designed to communicate and spread of the message of Buddha. One of the earliest and most interesting structures to be excavated is the Ashoka pillar dating to 250 BC. Another point of interest is the Dhamekh Stupa from the Gupta period of Indian history.

Then there are several monasteries dating from 4th to 12th century. The site is of great interest to the historians and the Buddhist scholars who come here to interpret the writings on the pillar and learn about the period in which these monasteries and structures were built.

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