Ghuggha Veer, Saharanpur

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The Ghuggha Veer, also known by the names Ghugghal or Jahar Deewan Guggha Peer is located about 5 kms from Saharanpur. Like the Naugaja peer the Ghugghal peer also attracts a large number of both Hindu and Muslim devotees.

Legend has it that King of Patan had two daughters by the name of Vachhal and Kachhal. After their marriage Vachhal worshipped Guru Gorakhnath so that she could be blessed with a son. It is said that just when she was about to be blessed her sister came there, and she got blessed with two sons which were actually meant for Vachhal. The Guruji came to know of this, and he once again blessed her with a son but with a rider that Gugghal would kill the sons of her sister.

Later when Gugghal grew up, he performed a tapasya to ensure that this condition was not fulfilled. The place where he meditated came to be known as Ghugghal veer ki Marhi. A festival by the name of Shukla Paksh Dashmi is held every year to mark the event.

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