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Rajkot Weather

A trip ton Rajkot during the summer and monsoon is not advisable for those months could make one feel quite uncomfortable. The winter months are pleasant and warm and forms the perfect time for a trip.


Summer in Rajkot is usually hot and dry. The summer months are usually from mid-March to mid-June and during this time the temperature ranges between 24C or 75F to 42C or 108F.


Monsoon is quite tumultuous over here as it full of thunderstorms and cyclone. Due to the proximity to the Arabian Sea, this city experiences a lot of rainfall and windy weather. Though storms are a regular phenomenon during June and July, the rainfall level during these months are usually low compared to the other post-monsoon months. The temperature in monsoon ranges between 20C or 68F to 37C or 99F.


Winter is usually mild and slightly humid. The temperature range is 10C or 50F to 22C or 72F, and the winter here is comparatively pleasant.