Dinman Hardaul's Palace, Orchha

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The Dinman Hardaul’s Palace is constructed as an example of the love and respect that existed between brothers in ancient times. This architecture marvel displays rich historical ancestry. The Palace was constructed in honour of Dinman Hardaul who sacrificed his life for his brother Jhujhal refusing his allegations of being involved in romantic terms with a long time companion and friend.

With all the respect people had for Dinman Hardaul who was a highly religious soul, they constructed this wonderful palace after Dinman Hardaul’s sudden death. The grandeur of this exemplary architectural building awes tourists who visit this palace.

The local craftsmen of ancient times have displayed their highly creative imagination and artistic skills while constructing this structuring in Dinman Hardaul’s honor. The Dinman Hardaul palace is a breathtaking structure that describes love and respect between brothers. Tourists in huge numbers visit this palace every year with maximum curiosity to watch the structure.

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