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Dauji Ki Haveli, Orchha

Dauji ki Haveli, rather, a miniature royal palace in Orchha is a monument with signs of eye catching beauty. Dauji ki Haveli is a replica of royal palaces constructed with well processed techniques by the merchant class in Orchha. It is basically an effort to preserve a long gone era by elaborating ideas and constructing a small version of a huge palace.

The beauty of the Haveli is glorified mainly by the outstanding mural paintings on the walls of the Haveli that glitter. Displaying extreme elegance, this Haveli is a work of perfection attracting a huge number of tourists all over the world.

The outer as well as inner view of the Haveli is equally classy to watch. Dauji ki Haveli is truly adorable in terms of its beauty. Tourists prefer to click photographs with the Haveli as background, which gives their clicks a unique look altogether.