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The Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the southern banks of River Brahmaputra covering an area of 44.06 sq. kms. It falls in the Sonitpur District. The wildlife sanctuary is known for its rich eco-system which it shares with the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. In fact, these are the only two wildlife sanctuaries which are actually one entity but have different names.

The sanctuary is of wet alluvial grassland that is dotted with semi-evergreen forests. The Bengal Florican and the One-Horned Rhinoceros are the two prized species found in the Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists can also see tigers, wild buffalo, leopards, wild pigs and hog deer. Elephants can also be occasionally spotted.

The nearest town to the Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary is Tezpur located about 30 kilometres away. Guwahati is located about 160 – 200 kilometres from the Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between November and March.

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