Lal Tibba, Mussoorie

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Lal Tibba, also known as the Depot Hill, is the highest point in Mussoorie. The place is located in the Landour region, which is the oldest populated destination of Mussoorie. Lal Tibba is also called the Depot Hill because of the presence of a depot in the area. The broadcasting towers of All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan is positioned here. The Indian Military Services also have their base atop the hill.

Travellers can enjoy the amazing views of sunrise and sunset from this point. In order to provide tourists with beautiful views, a Japanese telescope was installed here in 1967 by municipality. With the help of this telescope, tourists can see nearby places such as Kedarnath, Banderpunch, Badrinath and other Himalayan ranges. Apart from this, travellers can also see ancient houses and buildings representing the British architectural style.


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