Navdatoli, Maheshwar

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Navdatoli is a pre-historic place which is located on the either side of the River Narmada. The uniqueness of this site lies in the fact that it has housed many cultures starting from the Paleolithic Period to the end of 18th century. The ruins of Nadatoli were discovered in 1950 during an excavation. Artifacts such as painted pottery of a forgotten age as well as many microliths were found on this site during the excavation.

The ruins of the ancient houses found here were either rectangle in shape or circular of around 3m in circumference. These houses had bamboo walls and the roof were made with mud.. It is believed that the 3rd period of the culture of Navdatoli belongs to somewhere between 1500 BC and 1200 BC. Students of Anthropology from all over India visit this place. Navdatoli is worth visiting while at Maheshwar.





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