Kaleshwar Temple, Maheshwar

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Kaleshwar Temple, located on the northern shore of the holy River Narmada, is a shrine constructed in the 12th century AD. Kaleshwar, the deity worshipped in this temple is considered as the form of Lord Shiva outcasting destruction. The wonderful temple of Kaleshwar stands on an elevated platform, which is an unusual shrine in glittering red colour.

Tourists can witness wonderful vertical projections enhancing the upward pointing spiral domes of the temple. The Kaleshwar Temple has an eye soothing premises of lush greenery that provides the devotees with a feeling of extreme divinity. As the destructive incarnation or “avatar” of Lord Shiva is worshipped here, Kaleshwar Temple is unique among all the temples at Maheshwar. The shrine, the interiors and the surrounded greenery – it’s complete in its efforts of attracting tourists.


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