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It is always better to visit any part of Nagaland when it doesn’t rain, and the same applies for Longleng too. Thus visiting Longleng anytime from October to May is advisable. Tourists can plan a visit in such a manner that they get to witness the Monyu Festival during the advent of spring.


Longleng experiences a pleasant summer with an average temperature remaining between 22 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. The summers in Longleng are just for a couple of months after which the monsoon sets in. Even though, the monsoon sets in, the hot climate stays till about July.


The monsoons in Longleng set in by May and lasts till October. Since Longleng experiences the rainy season for so many months, the temperatures normally stay on the lower level. The days are warm, though not uncomfortable while the nights stay cooler. The average rainfall ranges between 2000mm-3000mm.


Winters get cold with January being the coldest month in Longleng. The winters set in by October-end or November beginning and lasts till the beginning of March. Cold winds usually make the temperature drop and makes it chilly. The night temperature can come down to about 1 degree Celsius too.