Orchha, Jhansi

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Founded by its ruler, Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1501, Orchha, also termed Urchha, is located in Tikamgarh District. This princely state was a part of the Budelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Orchha is situated on the bank of Betwa River approximately 15 kilometers from Jhansi and 80 kilometers from the Tikamgarh. The Maharaja also built a fort named Orchha Fort. Another member of the ruling dynasty of Orchha, Queen Ganesha Bai established Chaturbhuj Temple during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Raj Mandir, another religious landmark in the city was constructed by Madhukar Shah during 1554 to 1591. River Betwa forms a seasonal island which hosts a palace fort surrounded by a battlement wall. The fort houses a number of buildings constructed by Maharaja Bir Singh Dev during the different periods of his rule. A unique feature of these buildings is that they are connected with each other. There are several cenotaphs or chhatris on the bank of Betwa River close to the fort.


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