Jhansi Museum, Jhansi

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Jhansi Museum is housed in the historic Jhansi Fort and is a popular tourist destination of the city. It boasts of a rich collection of exhibits including weapons, terracotta, statues, costumes, bronzes, coins of silver, gold and copper and a large number of sculptures.

The exhibits vividly depict the life and times of the Chandela kings as well as the ancient history and heritage of the city and the region of Bundelkhand. Of particular interest to the students of ancient Indian history is the picture gallery that shows images of the Gupta period.

On display are also the weapons, arms and ammunition used by the British forces to quell the Indian rebellion of 1857. There are also separate sections devoted to the periods of the Chandelas and the Bundelas. The weaponry deployed by the Rani of Jhansi and her Maratha compatriots evokes keen interest among the visitors.


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