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Galibore is one of the popular scenic destinations in Karnataka, which lies in the vicinity of Bangalore, at a distance of 110 km. About 10 kilometers away from Sangam, the converging point of River Arkavathi and River Cauvery, Galibore is an uninhabited area situated amidst the deep deciduous forests of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

Galibore is a famous fishing and nature camp site that lies on the bank of the River Cauvery and it is lined by lush trees. It took its name from a hillock situated behind the camp called Galibore. Surrounded by hill ranges, the Galibore Camp is densely covered by vegetation and overlooks the River Cauvery.

Why Tourists Frequent Galibore

Galibore is a scenic holiday retreat frequented by nature enthusiasts and it is also a popular angling spot that is often visited by professional anglers. The visitors engaging in angling at Galibore often follow the Catch and Release' sport fishing policy, which involves the release of the fish back into the river after posing for a camera shot with it.

Anglers mostly aim at catching Mahaseer, an endangered fish species, which is the highlight of the waters in the Cauvery, along with carp, catfish and many smaller fishes. Galibore also offers opportunities in wildlife spotting and bird watching to nature lovers. It is estimated that Galibore is inhabited by more than 220 species of birds, which includes darters, spot billed ducks, small pied kingfishers, tawny eagles, pied crested cuckoos, black-bellied river terns, ospreys, gray headed fishing eagles and honey buzzards.

The mammals that can be spotted here are sambar, spotted deer, elephants, leopards, wild boars, grizzled giant squirrels, Malabar giant squirrels, and jackals. Snakes like Pythons, Cobras, Russell's vipers and Banded Kraits can be spotted at Galibore too, and other reptiles found here are marsh crocodiles, turtles, chameleons, and Leith's Soft Shelled Turtles.

Best Season To Visit Galibore

Galibore offers coracle rides in the River Cauvery for water sports enthusiasts and hiking options to its visitors, wherein they are guided to the interiors of the forests through natural trails.

The most suitable season for visiting Galibore for bird watching is between June and August, as the region will be packed with different species of water-based birds as well as land-based birds. The months of February, March and April until mid-May are considered to be ideal for angling.

Galibore is a popular destination that's preferred by various corporate houses down South and they conduct their off-site and outdoor training programmes here.

How To Reach Galibore

The place is connected by roads and can be easily reached within a two-hour drive from Bangalore via the Kanakapura-Sangam Road.

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