Neliyali Beedu (Called Neliyadi Beedu Elsewhere), Dharmasthala

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Tourists, on a trip to Dharmasthala, are 'recommended' to visit Neliyadi Beedu that is regarded as the dwelling of Jain Chieftain, Birmanna Heggade and his wife Ammu Ballathi. Also known as Neliyadi Beedu, the site is situated in proximity to the Chandranatha Swamy Basadi.

According to the popular folklore, four Dharmadevatas, namely Kalarkai, Kumarswamy, Kalarahu and Kanyakumari visited Neliyali Beedu and instructed the couple to provide free education, shelter and food to the destitute people. Upon visiting Neliyadi Beedu, tourists would notice that the customs started by Birmanna Heggade still persist.

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