Namada Chilume, Devarayanadurga

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If time permits, then tourists are recommended to explore Namada Chilume (Chilume stands for spring) that lies on the base of the hill. Namada Chilume is regarded as the origin of the Jayamangali River. According to popular folklore, Lord Rama stopped at this site while on his way to Lanka. Lord Rama needed water in order to make the 'Nama' (a paste applied by Hindus on forehead) moist. When he could not find water, Lord Rama shot an arrow on the ground that resulted in the appearance of a spring. Therefore, the site has been named Namada Chilume that stands for Rama Spring. Tourists can also see the foot prints of Lord Rama in proximity to the spring.

An old guest house can be sighted opposite to Namada Chilume, which was built in the year 1931. The renowned ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali is believed to have resided in this guest house in 1938 during his research work.

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