Tuibuong and Thangzam Road Tribal Museums, Churachandpur

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Located in the heart of the Churachandpur are the two tribal museums at Tuibuong and Thangzam Road and popularly known by the names of the roads on which they stand. These museums give you a glimpse into the history of the people of Manipur over times right from the days of the erstwhile Kingdom of Manipur, through the days of the British Raj and in post-independent India.

The museum has a large collection of tribal art and artefacts which have collected from different parts of the state and tell a lot about the people of this region. These include the tools used by the people in the everyday lives, models of traditional huts and traditional attire of the tribal in Manipur. You will also see the weapons which were used by the tribal in the past for hunting and defending themselves from others.


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