Khuga dam, Churachandpur

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Khuga Dam in Churachandpur district is one of the major lifelines for the district. Created for several purposes, such as electricity generation and water supply, the Khuga Dam is also a popular tourist attraction. The Khuga Dam has been built over an artificial lake, and is popularly used as picnic spots by locals.

The dam was started in 1983, but its condition deteriorated in the ensuing years. However, work was resumed in the year 2002 to reclaim it and utilise it for various purposes. In 2010, Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the revived dam.

Built at an estimate cost of Rs. 2.5 billion, the dam’s height is 38 metres while its width is 230 metres. It is situated close to the Mata village and has helped in improving the economy of the district. It is believed that today Churachandpur has revived much of its stature thanks to the construction of the dam.


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