Indigenous arts & handicrafts, Churachandpur

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Similar to most other tribal community of north east, the tribes staying in Churachandpur excel in handicrafts and indigenous art such as bamboo work and weaving. Churachandpur is thus famous for its handicrafts and indigenous art. Tourists visiting the town should ensure that they lay hands on the colourful tribal artefacts sold in the bazaars of Churachandpur.

Tourists can lay their hands on bamboo and wooden items in market places such as the New Bazaar and the Old Bazaar. The Old Bazaar is also known as the Zenhang Bazar. Tribal shawls known for their excellent quality and durability is one of the major items sold here.

Churachandpur also has a handicrafts market where several kinds of hand-made products can be found. The interesting thing about the handicraft market is that most of the things are made by the locals. To pick up souvenirs, the handicrafts market is the ideal place to be in.


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