Malik-e-Maidan, Bijapur

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Tourists are 'recommended' to visit Malik-e-Maidan or Lord of The Battlefield, which is a huge cannon set up by Muhammad Adil Shah I in 1549 on the top of Sherzah Burj in Bijapur.

It faces towards the west at the plains outside the city of Bijapur. Located 3 km from the district of Bijapur, this cannon is believed to be the largest warhead of the medieval era. The nozzle of the weapon is designed into the shape of a lion with open jaws.

There is a small elephant between the two large fangs of lion being crushed to death. There is also an inscription made by Aurangzeb on the top of the cannon.

This 55 tons heavy cannon has a diameter of 1.5 metres and its length is 4.45 metres. This legendary cannon has a unique feature that is even in blazing sun it remains cool and when it is gently tapped, it tinkles very softly just like a bell.

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