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  • 01Baba Nageshwar Nath,Sitamarhi

  • 02Bagahi Math,Sitamarhi

  • 03Garhaul Sharif,Sitamarhi

  • 04Haleshwar Asthan,Sitamarhi

  • 05Janki Temple,Sitamarhi

  • 06Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary,Begusarai

    Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is a popular bird sanctuary located in the Kanwar Taal or Kabar Taal Lake. Nearly 60 species of migratory birds arrive here from Central Asia during winter. In addition to these, there are 106 species of resident birds. 

    This sanctuary is an ultimate destination for bird watching enthusiasts. The sanctuary offers some marvellous avenues for photography. The various species of birds that can be spotted here are Oriental White-backed Vulture, Long-billed Vulture, Lesser Kestrel, Sarus Crane, Greater Adjutant, Greater Spotted Eagle, , Painted Stork and Black-bellied Tern. 

    Kanwar Taal lake is Asia’s largest Fresh Water Oxbow Lake.


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  • 07Panth Pakar,Sitamarhi

  • 08Punaura Dham,Sitamarhi

  • 09Shukeshwar Sthan,Sitamarhi

  • 10Abhinath Asthan,Lakhisarai

    Abhinath Asthan

    Abhinath Asthan is an alluring place in Nongarh, which is situated in the mountains. According to the mythological accounts, and the common belief Abinath Baba was the disease healer. He supplied antidotes to the people of Nongarh all through his life. A temple has been built for the people who wish to pay their respects to him.

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  • 11Aranya Devi Temple,Bhojpur-Bihar

    Aranya Devi Temple

    Aranya Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Aranya, the Goddess of the forests. The temple and the deity are known to fulfill the wishes of the devotees. The temple is just 3.2 km away from the Arrah railway station and can easily be reached by a rickshaw or horse-driven chariots.

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  • 12Deo Kund,Aurangabad-Bihar

    Deo Kund

    Deo Kund is noted for its historical worth that forms one of the major elements of Aurangabad tourism. It is positioned 10 km to the south-east of the border between Aurangabad and Jehanabad. Deo Kund houses an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

    The enthusiasm and joy is to be witnessed throughout Shivratri festival, when thousands of worshippers visit this temple which is worth witnessing. It is widely believed that Chyawan Rishi took shelter in this temple.

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  • 13Ghora Katora,Nalanda

    Ghora Katora

    Ghora Katora Lake is a small but beautiful and serene picnic spot near Rajgir. According to Hindu mythology, King Jarasandha from Indian epic Mahabharata, had his stable; here, hence the name Gohra Katora. It is located near World Peace Pagoda.

    Surrounded by small hills, the lake looks picturesque and makes for an ideal trip. Horse carts or tongas and bicycles help tourists reach it. One can enjoy boating here. It is advised to visit the place in the morning as the entry to the lake closes at 2 pm. It is a very relaxing place and all one can hear is the sound of wind and water.

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  • 14Jain Mandir,Jamui

    Jain Mandir

    Jain Mandir Dharamshala is mainly known as the biggest rest house for Jain pilgrims. One can always visit this place as it is on the way to Kshatriya Gram Kund which is also one of the biggest tourist destinations of Jamui districts.

    Inside the rest house there is a big Lord Mahavir temple. Geographically, it lies 20 km west of Jamui district in the Sikandra Block. This Jain Mandir Dharamshala is known across the nation for its grandeur and serenity.

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  • 15Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary,Kaimur

    Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Bhabhua and is the largest sanctuary of the state spread out in 1342 km and has a few waterfalls and lakes too. Travellers can spot animals such as tigers, panthers, wild boars, sambar deer, chitals, four-horned antelope and nilgais and is the den to around seventy species of resident birds.

    More bird species can be spotted in the winters during the arrival of migratory birds. Fishes are found in Anupam Lake and Kalidah. There are animals like tigers, sloth bear, sambar deer, chitals, four-horned antelope and nilgais at the Wildlife Sanctuary.

    The number of birds during the migratory season increases. There is an influx of birds from the Central Asia region. The sanctuary can be accessed by road from Bhabua, as well as through rail station at Mohania.

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