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Bandhavgarh Hill, Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh Hill is the highest hill in the reserve of Bandhavgarh lying in an altitude of 807 m above the sea level. This range of hills is formed from sandstone and water that permeates into it. As a result of this unique formation, there are many springs and streams that originate from this hill.

The Son River and the Johilla Riverpass are by the east side of the hill and River Umrar flows on the west side. The Bandhavgarh Hill range has a flat top mostly, and the meadows in it are marshy. Bamboos and Sal trees cover the hill’s plain tract as the hill ascends it slopes.

Rare species of insectivorous plant like Drocera Peltata is found alongside Acorus Calamus or Buch in this hill. Bandhavgarh Hill is famous for its picturesque natural beauty and the cool climate. The enchanting view of hills is visible from as far as 30 km.

Bandhavgarh Hill Photos