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Aurangabad Weather

Aurangabad is defined by a moderate, pleasant climate with low humidity throughout the year.


The months ranging from March to May comprise the summer season. Summers in Aurangabad are typically hot with the average temperature hovering between 37 ℃ and 21 ℃. The maximum temperature, however, can soar to a maximum 42 ℃. This period is usually avoided by tourists to visit the place.


The monsoon season comes in next, and lasts for about four months from June to September. This season is characterised by substantial rainfall that drives away the heat. The rains transform the area to a scenic view. This period is great for sightseeing, if you are comfortable with drizzling.


Winters provide for the best time to travel in and around Aurangabad. The months from November to February witness a very pleasant climate with the temperature dipping to a minimum 10 ℃.