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The summer season in Aundha is especially hot and dry, and is marked by the months of April, May and June. The temperature during this time peaks to 40℃, while the minimum is around 22℃. May is the hottest month of the year and tourists wisely keep away from this spot during this time as the weather is just too hot to enjoy any activities.


The advent of monsoons in Aundha is seen in the month of July and lasts through the months of August and September. The region receives moderate rainfall during this season. The mild showers are a treat to be enjoyed, provided you are someone who loves the Monsoons.


The winter season is characterized by a moderately cold weather and extends from the month of October to December. The maximum temperature this time around is about 33℃, while it often drops to a cool 17℃. The climate during this period is extremely pleasant and makes for a good time to explore the region of Aundha.