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  • 01Padmapuram Botanical Gardens

    Padmapuram Botanical Gardens

    Padmapuram Botanical Gardens are a part of the Eastern Ghats and are situated in the Araku road. The garden was built during the time of the Second World War with the aim of growing vegetables for the soldiers who were fighting in the war. It was simply called Botanical Garden back then. However, now there is much more to the gardens than simply growing vegetables.

    Padmapuram Botanical Gardens now contain a horticultural nursery that includes exotic and rare species of flowers and trees. Another important feature of the Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is a toy train that is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The toy train has been planted within the Gardens, to give the tourists a tour of the entire area.

    The garden also has interesting features such as an exclusive rose garden as well as tree-top huts. These huts are available for rent and have to be booked in advance.

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  • 02Tribal Museum

    Tribal Museum

    Tribal museum at Araku Valley has been established with the aim of educating people about the lives of the tribes in and around the area. The place offers an insight into the everyday lives of the numerous tribes that exist in peace and harmony, in the valley. In the museum one can spot the clay figurines of the tribal people. The figurines depict the lifestyle of the people as they go about performing their everyday tasks. 

    All the artifacts including the figurines are displayed in a proper manner at the museum so that we have a deeper understanding of the tribes and their respective rituals. There are many artifacts including jewelry, hunting tools, utensils, and kitchen accessories etc that have been put on display. 

    The museum, though not historical, is an important part of the history of Araku Valley as it showcases the tribes that have played a significant role in the development of the town.


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  • 03Borra Caves

    The Borra Caves, called Borra Guhalu in the local language, are situated in the eastern coast of India and are a part of the Ananthagiri Hills. The caves are considered as one of the largest caves in India and are at a height of about 2313 feet above sea level.

    The caves are a splendid example of beautiful speleothems (mineral deposits that form a second layer on the insides of the cave and are usually made from limestone) that are both large and small in size. The caves also have beautifully shaped stalagmites as well as stalactites. The Borra Caves are made of Karstic limestone, which go as deep as 80 meters, thus making Bora the deepest caves in the country.

    It was William King George from the Geological Survey of India, who accidentally came upon the caves in 1807, and since then, they have become a popular tourist attraction in the area.

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  • 04Coffee Plantations On Ananthagiri Hills

    Coffee Plantations On Ananthagiri Hills

    Coffee Plantations on Ananthagiri Hills are a must visit, especially if you are in the area. Miles and miles of coffee plantations await you in the mesmerizing hills of Ananthagiri, which begin as soon as you enter the Araku Valley. The smell of coffee leaves is spread through the entire valley rejuvenating your senses. 

    The plantations are deeply rooted in the history of the tribes of the Araku Valley. Coffee estates gave the tribes the opportunity to join mainstream population and earn a living for themselves and their families. You will find a lot of tribal population working in the coffee plantations. The first organic coffee of India was produced in these plantations of Araku Valley by sheer hard work of the tribal groups. This organic coffee, branded under the name Araku Emerald, has gained popularity all over the world. 

    Many coffee plantations offer guest houses for tourists who wish to stay overnight at the plantations.


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  • 05Sangda Waterfalls

    Sangda Waterfalls

    Sangda Waterfalls are located in the beautiful hills of the Eastern Ghats and are a part of the Araku Valley. The waterfalls lie very close to the small village of Sangda and thus, the name of the falls. The falls are a very popular tourist attraction because of their beautiful surroundings and splendid locales.

    The waterfalls are located in the middle of a thick jungle. The only thing breaking the peace of the jungle is the sound of the cascading waters of the fall. Many tourists and locals visit the place. The falls are a favourite picnic spot as well. People come with their families and friends to enjoy the scenic location and to become one with nature.

    The waterfalls are easily accessible by road. A bumpy road from the village takes you to the waterfalls. You can hear the water gushing from a distance and seconds later, the waterfalls will come into view.

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  • 06Tyda


    Tyda is a small and scenic village situated amidst the dense forests of the Eastern Ghats. The village lies about 75 km from the city of Vizag and can be accessed through the road that takes you from Vizag to Araku Valley. The village is situated in an idyllic location amidst lush green forests and small but beautiful coffee plantations. The place is the best weekend getaway and many people throng to the village of Tyda to get away from the stress and pressures of the city life. 

    The village offers resorts, log huts as well as tree houses. For nature lovers, there is a hike meant specifically for bird watching. The village is an ideal place for rejuvenating both your body and the mind.


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