Borra caves, Araku Valley

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The Borra Caves, called Borra Guhalu in the local language, are situated in the eastern coast of India and are part of the Ananthagiri Hills. The caves are considered one of the largest caves in India and are at a height of about 2,313 feet above sea level.

The caves are a splendid example of beautiful speleothems (mineral deposits that form a second layer on the insides of the cave and are usually made from limestone) that are both large and small in size. The caves also have beautifully shaped stalagmites as well as stalactites. The Borra Caves are made of Karstic limestone, which go as deep as 80 meters, thus making Bora the deepest caves in the country.

It was William King George from the Geological Survey of India, who accidentally came upon the caves in 1807, and since then they have become a popular tourist attraction in the area.

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