Sheshnag Lake, Amarnath

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Sheshnag Lake, situated at a distance of around 27 km from Pahalgam, at an elevation of around 3658 m, is one of the prime attractions of Amarnath. It derives its name from the seven headed serpent king of the Hindu mythology, Seshnag, and owes it to the fact that it is surrounded by seven peaks. Travellers have to undertake a two day long hike from Pahalgam in order to reach the destination. The lake remains covered in ice throughout the winter till the month of June.According to popular folklore, the Sheshnag Lake is the site where Shiva, the Hindu deity of destruction, left His snake, which is believed, to represent His power, while en route to Amarnath Cave. Thousands of devotees visit this site during the summer season while on their trip to the Amarnath Cave. Sheshnag Lake is perfect for tourists looking forward to some camping.

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