Trekking, Almora

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Trekking is a popular activity among the tourists visiting Almora. This place offers the alluring views of the 5 km long Almora mountain range to trekkers. One of the famous treks here is the interesting yet easy trek from Almora to Jageshwar. On this route, trekkers can see lush green fields and beautiful Kumaoni villages. Rhododendron trees, deodar trees, the Jageshwar Temple complex, and Vridh Jageshwar are the main attractions on this trek. Religious souls can use this route to reach the Kasar Devi Temple. The best time for trekking is from the month of October to March.

The Pindari trek is another popular route for adventure lovers. This route passes through lush green pine forests and valleys. The Pindari Glacier located amid the Nanda Devi Mountain and Nandakot also offers a memorable experience to trekkers.


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