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Chandramoulishwara Temple, Udupi


Chandramoulishwara Temple is one of the ancient temples located in Udupi town. As a result of its antique appearance, it is also referred to as Udupi's aajya. The prominent belief is that, one should visit this temple before visiting the Krishna temple. It is one of the best examples for the Chalukya architecture. Construction of the temple proves its history dating back to 7th or 8th century. It is said to be built at the same time as Ananteshwar Temple.

Udupi photos, Chandramoulishwara Temple
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The myth behind the origin of Chandramoulishwara Temple is quite interesting. Once Lord Moon got curse from Daksha Prajapathi. Lord Moon did penance to please Lord Shiva at this place. Since then the place began to be known as Chandramoulishwara.

The location of this temple is 3 km from Manipal, 6 km from Malpe, 60 km from Mangalore and 30 km from Kundapur. The nearest airport and railway station is at Mangalore.

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