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Venur Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Venur

  • 0124 Tirthankara Basadi/Ammanavara Basadi

    24 Tirthankara Basadi/Ammanavara Basadi

    Travellers are recommended to visit 24 Tirthankara Basadi that lies on the right side of Kallu Basadi (Dodda Basadi). Upon reaching this basadi, tourists will see an inscription on the right side of the temple that conveys the information that this site was constructed in 1537.

    Visitors will also get a chance to view 24 separate idols of Tirthankaras that have been placed in a row in a standing position (Kadgasana). The idol of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Padmavathi can be seen on the right and left side of the Tirthankara idols, respectively. Goddess Padmavathi is known as Ammanavaru by Jains in Karnataka. Therefore, 24 Tirthankara Basadi is also known by the name of Ammanavara Basadi.

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  • 02Adinatha Basadi

    Adinatha Basadi

    Travellers on a trip to Venur village are recommended to explore Adinatha Basadi that lies on the left side of the Kallu Basadi (Dobba Basadi). The prime attraction of this basadi is the statue of the presiding deity, Lord Adinatha, in Padmasana.

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  • 03Akkangala Basadi Or Eda Basadi

    Akkangala Basadi Or Eda Basadi

    If time permits, tourists are recommended to explore Akkangala Basadi that is located on the western side of the Bahubali idol. Akkangala Basadi, otherwise known as Eda Basadi, was constructed by Malli Devi and Pandyakka Devi (two wives of King Thimmanna Jila) in 1604. The queens decided to build this basadi after taking blessings from Charukeerthi Swamy. Upon reaching the site, travellers will get the chance to see the idol of Chandranatha Swamy.

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  • 04Binnani Basadi or Bala Basadi

    Binnani Basadi or Bala Basadi

    Tourists are recommended to explore the Binnani Basadi, if time allows. It is popular for the bronze idol of 16th Theerthankara Shanthinatha. Binnani Basadi, otherwise known as Bala Basadi, was constructed in front of the Akkangala Basadi by Binnani Devi (youngest queen of Timmaraja). Upon reaching the site, travellers will get the chance to view the inscriptions that depict details about donations and blessings of Charukeerthi Swamy. Tourists can also see a pillar of Lord Brahma on the southern side of Binnani Basadi.

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  • 05Gomateswara Statue

    Gomateswara Statue

    While on a trip to Venur village, tourists must visit the Gomateshwara statue that was constructed by a Jain ruler, King Thimmanna Ajila in 1604 AD. This single-rock idol is believed to be sculpted by Amarashilpi Jakanachari. The monolith idol of Lord Gomateshwara lies on the banks of Phalguni river.

    This monolith statue is the smallest of the 4 Bahubali idols located in Karnataka (others being at Karkala, Dharmasthala and Sravanabelagola) and has a height of 35 feet. The unique feature about the Gomateshwara statue of Venur is that this idol stands on a raised platform without any support.

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  • 06Kallu Basadi Or Dodda Basadi

    Kallu Basadi Or Dodda Basadi

    If time allows, then tourists are recommended to visit the Kallu Basadi that is otherwise known as Dodda Basadi. This basadi was constructed using rocks and that is why the site was named Kallu Basadi. The existence of a palatial courtyard is the reason why the site was also called Dodda Basadi (Big Basadi). Upon reaching the Kallu Basadi, travellers will get a chance to explore the 5-feet statue of Shantinatha. Tourists can also see rock formations of Yakshi Mahamanasi and Yasha Garuda on both sides of the idol. The main attraction of Kallu Basadi is the Tirthankara idol that can be seen in Padmasana with a meditation stance.

    The idols of two Tirthankaras, namely Chandranatha and Mahaveera, are also kept inside the Kallu Basadi. On close observation, visitors can see an inscription on the base of the pedestal of the 24 bronze idols of Tirthankaras. This pedestal has been given the name Hari Peeta.

    Slate rock has been used for constructing the entrance (only the exterior part) of the Kallu Basadi. Travellers can also see the Saraswati idol (right side) and the Padmavathi Devi idol (left side) inside the sanctum sanctorum. Due to the presence of the above mentioned idols, the site is known as Ammanavara Basadi.

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  • 07Parshwanatha Swamy Basadi

    Parshwanatha Swamy Basadi

    Tourists on a trip to Venur village are recommended to explore Parshwanatha Swamy Basadi that lies on the eastern side. The prime attraction of this Basadi is the shining bronze statue of Parshwanatha. Parshwanatha Swamy Basadi is situated on the backside of the monolith statue of Lord Gomateshwara. According to the records, the renovation process of this Basadi was carried out in 1936 by his Holiness Swasti Shree Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji from the Moodabidri Jain Mutt.

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  • 08Vardhamana Swamy Basadi

    Vardhamana Swamy Basadi

    If time permits, then tourists are recommended to explore Vardhamana Swamy Basadi that enshrines the statue of its presiding deity, Lord Vardhamana Mahavira.

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