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The two villages of Vadhu and Tulapur majorly experience dry and hot rainfall for the better part of the year, save for the monsoons when the rainfall is scanty.


The summer season in the two villages of Vadhu and Tulapur are marked by the three months of March, April and May. The temperature during this time can elevate to a maximum 41℃. Travelling to these villages around this time might translate into a pretty uncomfortable experience, a reason why it is generally avoided. During the nights, the temperature falls to a more bearable 22℃.


The monsoon season in Vadhu and Tulapur extend from the month of June to September. Both the villages receive scanty, limited rainfall. This season, however, proves to be a much better time to visit Vadhu-Tulapur, than the previous summer months. The post monsoon phase lasts from October to November, and is a great time to enjoy the tourist destination.


The three months of December, January, and February constitute this season. During the winters, the temperature ranges from a maximum 25℃ to a cool minimum of 8℃. December is the coldest month of the year.