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Dare to Visit the Three Kings Church in Goa?

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Who wouldn't be interested in listening to ghost stories? You might be imagining creepy creatures hovering behind but still it won't stop you from enjoying the horror stories. Here is one such destination that has a lot to offer a curious soul like you!

Three Kings Church

Three Kings Church
Photo Courtesy: Navin Sigamany

On a hill called Cuelim, there lies a lonely church which has been famous for mysterious reasons. It is known as the Three Kings Church in Cansaulim, Goa. Not only does the legend is alluring but also the nature's bounty draws us towards it.

Legend of Three Kings Church in Goa

Let us go back to the colonial era when the Portuguese ruled Goa!

The story is about the three 'power hungry' kings who wanted to rule this place. They were so engrossed in acquiring the territory that it created unrest in the region. One fine day, the King Holger Alvunger formed a grand plan to sabotage the other contenders. Wisely, he invited the other two Kings to discuss and find a solution about the matter. Unfortunately, the other two didn't know his cunning plot and they came for the dinner. King Holger's plan was to kill his competitors by mixing poison in their food. His plan worked as expected and the other two die out of poisoning.

Three Kings Church

A distant View of Three Kings Church

Meanwhile, he becomes ecstatic and announces that he is the ruler. At that time, locals get to know about his cruelty and begin to chase him. In his attempt to escape from the angry crowd, King Holger accidentally eats the same food mixed with poison. He also dies along with the other two.

Later, the villagers bury the three bodies in the premises of this church. Since then, it is known as the Three Kings Church in Goa.

Three Kings Church

Interior View of the church

Haunted Three Kings Church

Looks like these three kings are still fond of this region. So, many locals have reported of hearing strange noises coming from the church. Although no one hasn spotted anything, many have heard the noise inside the church after the dark. It is said that the spirits of these kings still hovers the church. So, no one goes to the church after dark. For years, the Three Kings Church is listed as one among the top haunted destinations in Goa.

The Three Kings Church - A Travellers Abode

Haunted or not, the Three Kings Church is worth visiting. This small hill in the interiors of South Goa is a nature lovers' paradise. Mind-Blowing aerial view of South Goa mingled with a glimpse of the Arabian Sea says it all. The serene vistas around the hill offers a lot for the photographers as there is so much to trap in the lens! Hence, a trip to the Three Kings Church is worth your time in Goa.

Three Kings Church

Interior View of the church

How To Reach The Three Kings Church

The hill of Cuelim is located in a village called Cansaulim in South Goa. It is an uninhabited hill and a place where the Three Kings Feast is celebrated every year. Cansaulim is also known for Cansaulim Beach, one of the hidden jewels in the South of Goa.

The hill is connected by road and it is better to hire a private cab or vehicle to visit this church.

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