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At the Deserted Mandore Gardens in Jodhpur

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Mythologically, Mandore is the said to be the birthplace of Mandodari (Ravana's wife in Ramayana). Historically, it was the capital city of Rathore Clan. This heritage place lost its shine after Rao Jodha found the city of Jodhpur and shifted to Mehrangarh Fort. Since then, the Mandore Gardens in Jodhpur has lost its significance.

Mandore Gardens

Beautiful Structures
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Only a true architecture lover would visit a place like this. However, this unexplored destination is worth a visit for everyone. Mandore Gardens hardly features in the list of tourist places in Jodhpur. Though it is located in the middle of the city, the Mandore Gardens remain abandoned.

Attractions of Mandore Gardens

You will be very surprised to see the architectural marvels inside the Mandore Gardens. Cenotaphs of the Kings of Rathore Clan, Mandore Fort and the Government Museum are the main attractions at Mandore Gardens.

Mandore Gardens

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Cenotaphs are the memorials built for the prominent members. They are called as empty tombs which are built in the memory of kings or important personalities of a kingdom. The prominent cenotaphs or Chhatris of Maharaja Ajit Singh and Maharaja Jaswanth Singh are the two important structures here. Tourists can get a splendid view of the surroundings from Maharaja Jaswanth Singh's Cenotaph.

Mandore Fort is within the premises of Mandore Gardens. The beautiful and luxurious structure is sure to amaze you. There is also a museum, a 'Hall of Heroes' and temple dedicated to 33 crore Hindu gods.

Mandore Gardens

Hall of Heroes
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Abandoned Heritage

Unfortunately, it is a deserted heritage. Government hasn't given any importance in preserving this historical place. In fact, the Mandore Gardens has become a home to monkeys. The place remains in the ruined state and there is no information regarding the place. Still, it is worthwhile to make a visit here.

Important Guidelines

  • Don't carry any food items as there are a lot of monkeys. Be careful about your belongings.
  • The interiors or the surroundings are not maintained well.
  • There are some street stalls where you can shop for knick-knacks.
  • Since there are no signboards, you have explore by yourself.

Mandore Gardens

Mandore Gardens
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How to Reach Mandore Gardens

Mandore Gardens is easily accessible by road as it is at centre of Jodhpur. Visitors can take taxis or autorickshaws to reach this place.

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Mandore is said to be the ancient city of Mandavya. This historical place was a prominent centre till the formation of Jodhpur. Later, it lost its prominence and hence has been deserted for a while. Even then Mandore Gardens is worth a visit as it will take you to a jubilant past through its marvellous structures.

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