Weekend Getaways In And Around Chennai

Weekend Getaways From Chennai

Majestic temples, verdant rice fields, and workshops where women spin golden silk and form clay pots by hand - you can find all this and much more in Chennai's backyard. Once you've had your fill of Tamil Nadu's capital, here are ...
Visit The Second Largest Danish Fort In The World Fort Dansborg In Tamil Nadu

Visit The Second Largest Danish Fort In The World – Fort Dansborg In Tamil Nadu

India is a land of rich heritage. The country has seen the rule of many powerful dynasties that have influenced the culture of the people. The rule of these empires can be still seen today, in the form of relics they ...
Top Tourist Places In Tharagambadi Tranquebar

In Danish Colony: Top Tourist Places in Tranquebar

It has undergone several changes from being Tranquebar to Tharagambadi. Once a busy port and a famous Danish Colony, Tharagambadi is now an offbeat tourist place in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. The tranquil and colonial ambience of Tharagambadi attracts many travellers. Ancient ...
Places Visit Tranquebar Tamil Nadu

Travel to the Scenic Town of Tranquebar

Tranquebar or Tharangambadi as it was formerly known, is a town in Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district. Formerly a Danish Colony from 1620 to 1845, it is still referred to as Trankebar in Danish. Tranquebar's days of glory were during the early 17th ...

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