Most Interesting Facts About Kullu Dussehra

Most Interesting Facts About Kullu Dussehra

Internet One of the most spectacular festivals celebrated in Kullu Valley is Kullu Dussehra, a well-known International Mega Dussehra festival celebrated in October in the Himachal Pradesh state of northern India. The celebration of Dussehra is eagerly anticipated and celebrated in ...
Winter Vacation Ideas India

Unique Winter Vacation Ideas With Never-Ending Fun Things To Do In India

The phrase "winter vacation" might conjure up visions of time spent on the seaside laying out with a good book, sipping on hot beverages by the hill, or long drives with family and kids. However, we at Nativeplanet know that some ...
Himachal Pradesh Imposes A Ban On Trekking Removes Ban On River Rafting And Paragliding

Himachal Pradesh Imposes A Ban On Trekking, Removes Ban On River Rafting And Paragliding

For adventurers visiting Himachal Pradesh, good news! The prohibition on water and air sports has finally been abolished by the state government. Paragliding and river rafting are once again available to tourists. However, beginning of Friday, it is no longer permitted ...
Manali Bans Camping Without Permission Illegal Tourist Tents To Be Permanently Removed

Manali Bans Camping Without Permission; Illegal Tourist Tents to Be Permanently Removed

Manali now has become a place to ban camping without permission. Now the scenario of camping in Manali has been changed completely as you cannot put up or stay in an illegal tent. So, now whenever you visit Manali for camoing ...
Dhungri Mela The Carnival Never Seen Before

Dhungri Mela – The Carnival Never Seen Before

Festivals have been a very integral part of human civilisation and celebrating them has been a tradition we have been following for ages. This tradition is also an excuse to interact with other people of the society and share love and ...
Are You A Traveller Then Visit These River Valleys In India

Are You A Traveller? Then Visit These River Valleys In India

Being a land of quintessential beauty, India is one of the most visited countries in the world. When on one hand, we have wonders like Taj Mahal, on another hand, we have hidden beauties like Yumthang Valley. So, why not move ...
Haridwar To Spiti A World Within A World

Haridwar To Spiti, ‘A World Within A World’

My mother had a long-standing dream of visiting Haridwar, the holy city in Uttarakhand. Though I am not religious, I love visiting temples and churches to look at the beautiful architecture and the culture display. So, as a family, we set ...
Days Of An Exciting Patalsu Peak Trek

The Patalsu Peak – 4 Days Of An Exciting Trek!

We as a family are an active lot. My cousins are always up for anything involving outdoors. I send them pictures whenever I take up a trek. They are always gushing about how lovely and majestic the Himalayas look. So when ...
A Wonderful Trek In The Lap Of Nature Kullu Valley

A Wonderful Trek In The Lap Of Nature In Kullu Valley

My class reunion was happening after 5 years since we finished college. I was so excited to meet my friends who had flown in from various parts of the world. Not to mention our professors, by whom I didn't feel terrorized ...
Sar Pass Trek In The Himalayas For Five Days

Five Days In The Himalayas, Conquering The Picturesque Sar Pass 

My husband and I decided to take up a trek together for our anniversary. How cool would it be, we thought. I still reminisce about our Sar Pass Trek very fondly. It was incredible, and I am so glad to be ...
A Trek That Will Literally Is Breath Taking Pin Parvati Pass Trek

A Trek That Is Literally Breathtaking!

Pin Parvati pass was discovered in 1884 when Sir Louis Dane set out to find an alternate route to reach Spiti Valley. This pass connects Parvati Valley to Spiti Valley. At a maximum height of 5319 metres, this trek is considered ...
Places To Visit In Tirthan Valley

Travel to Himachal's best kept secret – The mystique valley of Tirthan!

Perched at an altitude of over 1600 metres above sea level, Tirthan valley in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh offers an enthralling adventurous experience! With the majestic Himalayas setting the backdrop, Himachal Pradesh is blessed with so many picturesque valleys that ...

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