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Titwala Mahaganesh Temple, Thane

The Mahaganesh Temple is located in the Titwala village of the Thane District. It is known as the Siddhivinayak Mahaganpati Temple as the Ganpati’s idol found here is that of Siddhivinayak. Believers claim that anyone who ardently and regularly prays to Maha Ganpati shall get married to the desired person of their choice.

The temple also accommodates a small shrine devoted to Lord Shivashankar. The vicinity also holds a Vitthal–Rukmini temple. This sacred pilgrim site is a beautiful place to be at during the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi and Angarika Chaturthi.

An enormous number of pilgrims throng this spot, waiting in long queues, just to get a glimpse of Ganpati’s idol and seek his blessings. The outside area of the temple houses a small artificial pond that is surrounded by a pretty little garden. There are boating facilities available here too.

Titwala Mahaganesh Temple Photos

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