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Simhachalam, India 29 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 10 from the W Humidity: 71% Pressure: 1005 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Wednesday 20 Sep 28 ℃ 83 ℉ 33 ℃91 ℉
Thursday 21 Sep 28 ℃ 83 ℉ 32 ℃89 ℉
Friday 22 Sep 28 ℃ 83 ℉ 33 ℃91 ℉
Saturday 23 Sep 28 ℃ 83 ℉ 33 ℃92 ℉
Sunday 24 Sep 28 ℃ 83 ℉ 33 ℃91 ℉

The best time to visit the place is between October and February when the winters have set in. The place does not experience chill winters, but the days become warm and pleasant. Evenings and nights tend to be relatively cooler but nothing that can’t be handled with a light jacket or a shawl.


Summers in Simachalam is very hot, and the maximum temperature can go up to 40 degrees Celsius when summer is at its peak. The summer months are March, April and May. Sometimes the heat wave can be felt until the middle of June. Evenings are also warm though nights may become pleasant depending on the temperature of the day.


Monsoon months in Simhachalam are June, July, August and September. The place receives moderate to heavy rainfall. Sometimes light showers are experienced even during the month of October. The temperature comes down to a tolerable 33 degrees Celsius during the monsoon time but the level of humidity rises. This is not one of the best times to visit the place.


Winters are generally pleasant in Simhachalam like they are in the rest of Seemandhra. However, winters are never chilly or cold in this part of the country. The temperature does not rise above 27 degrees Celsius during the winter months. Winter starts in late November and continues until mid-February.