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Live Weather Forecast
Srinagar, India 29 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 1 from the S Humidity: 17% Pressure: 1011 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Tuesday 26 Sep 14 ℃ 56 ℉ 31 ℃87 ℉
Wednesday 27 Sep 13 ℃ 55 ℉ 31 ℃88 ℉
Thursday 28 Sep 11 ℃ 52 ℉ 31 ℃88 ℉
Friday 29 Sep 12 ℃ 53 ℉ 31 ℃88 ℉
Saturday 30 Sep 11 ℃ 52 ℉ 31 ℃88 ℉

Sanasar experiences temperate climate throughout the year and that is why summers are moderate and winters are harsh with inhospitable climatic conditions.


(March to May): The summer season starts from March and lasts till the month of May. Sanasar experiences moderate climatic conditions during summers. Maximum and minimum temperature of Sanasar during summers have been recorded at 40 degrees and 50 degrees respectively. Travellers planning to explore the destination during this season are advised to pack light winter clothing.


(July to September): The month of July marks the onset of the monsoon season that continues till the month of September. Sanasar receives moderate rainfall during this season. Tourists planning to visit Sanasar during monsoons are suggested to carry rain gear along with other things.


(October to February): The winter season generally stays for longer duration in Sanasar. Winters commences from October and ends in the month of February. The maximum and minimum temperatures in Sanasar during winters have been recorded at 24℃ and -14℃ respectively. In order to avoid freezing temperature, travellers are recommended not to visit Sanasar during winters.