Shree Gundicha Temple, Puri

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Shree Gundicha Temple situated in the Gundicha square very close to the Puri bus stand is best known for the Rath Yatra festival. The temple is also known as the Gundicha Ghar or Gundicha Mandir. After the Jagannath Temple, the Shree Gundicha Temple is the second most prominent place of Lord Jagannath in Puri. Except for the Car Festival, the temple is mostly deserted. However, it is well-maintained by the Jagannath Temple Administration.

The temple flaunts the typical architecture of the Kalingan era. The 75 feet high and 430 feet long temple made of light grey sand stone is right in the centre of a beautiful garden and is surrounded by a wall. When idols from the Jagannath Temple are brought to the Shree Gundicha Temple during the festival, they are placed on ‘Ratnavedi’ which is a throne. The idols enter through the west gate and exit through the east gate.

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