Raghurajpur, Puri

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Raghurajpur has been given a special place in India’s cultural map. This small village of Puri district of Orissa is known for its master Pattachitra painters. The famous Odissi dancer Kelucharan Mohapatra belongs to this famous place.

The village is bestowed with artisans depicting poetry on fine pieces of treated cloth, paper or dried palm leaves. God has also blessed this land with plenty of trees – palms, mango trees, coconut trees, jackfruit groves and many other tropical trees. Mural paintings elaborating scenes from the epics Mahabharat and Ramayan on the outer walls of houses is a typical scene.

Houses are usually neatly arranged in two rows facing each other. Small temples and the Bhagabat Tungi, a community meeting place can be found in the centre of the village. Goddess Bhuasuni is the presiding deity of the village with a temple dedicated to her.

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