Puri Konark Marine Drive, Puri

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The Puri Konark Marine Drive is a 35 km drive joining the religious places Puri and Konark. The driveway is lined up with picturesque coastal forests on both either sides.There are many beach resorts on the Puri Konark Marine Drive. On the way, you can stop and pay your homage at the Ramchandi Temple, Panch Mukhi Hanuman Temple and Gupteswar Temple.

The most preferred tourist spot on this drive is the Chandrabhaga Beach where boating facility can be availed if booked in advance. The Ramchandi Beach which lies in the vicinity of the Puri Konark Marine Drive attracts many visitors too. You will also find boating facility here. Do not miss to witness the beauty of the rising and setting sun on this drive.

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