Chakra Tirtha Temple, Puri

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Chakra Tirtha Temple which is 3 kms away from the Jagannath Temple on the northern end of Puri is an important pilgrimage destination. It is also referred as the Chakra Narayana Temple, Chakra Narasimha Temple or Chakra Nrusingha Temple. It is Lord Jagannath’s divine weapon, a large wheel in water is carved out of black granite and Chkranarayana, a statue of Lord Narayan, in the centre.

It is believed that long ago when a cyclone hit Puri, the wheel which was on top of the Jagannath Temple flew across the sky and fell at Chakratitha. It was at this time that the Daru, which is the log of wood used to carved the deities at the Jagannath Temple, came through the sea route and touched the ground at Chakratirtha for the first time.

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