Balihar Chandi Temple, Puri

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Balihar Chandi Temple, a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is situated 27 km south west of Puri when you travel towards Brahmagiri and Satapada. The beautiful temple stands on a sandy hill very close to the ocean. Devotees worship Goddess Durga as Goddess Balihar Chandi and hence the name. Like many other temples in Puri, this temple too is linked to the Jagannath Temple owing to a ritual on the Mahanavami day in Ashwina.

An image of Goddess Kali standing in Alidha pose on Lord Siva’s body and holding a skull and a severed head in her left hand can be seen at the base of the back Rahapaga of the temple. This temple is situated on the banks of the river Bhargavi, making it not just a pilgrimage spot but beautiful scenic area too. The temple is located at the meeting point of river Bhargavi with the sea.

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